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help0December 4, 2023Details
Pido oración por mi pareja y futura esposa 0November 30, 2023Details
granddaughter with abnormal EKG0November 20, 2023Details
healing2November 14, 2023Details
Healing 2October 18, 2023Details
deliverance1September 1, 2023Details
Salvation - Healing - Florida1July 25, 2023Details
Prayer Request2June 20, 2023Details
come/save/restore1June 20, 2023Details
My Prayer1June 7, 2023Details
Career Problems1June 6, 2023Details
A Prayer Today Can Change The World1May 4, 2023Details
Salvation / Oppression1April 6, 2023Details
lust1April 5, 2023Details
evangelism and finances 1March 18, 2023Details
Please pray for me1January 25, 2023Details
Please pray...1January 23, 2023Details
Healing prayer8December 24, 2022Details


shayla green
She is a loving mother of 4 and has worked her heart to hard by not being able to afford blood pressure medicine which caused her to have a large heart and a heart attack she is the only person working in the house hold and they really need help badly with lots of things she currently needs an oxygen machine which she can't afford due to not having health insurance because she can't work and is very distraught she can't work right now during the holidays this will be her childrens first Christmas with out any gifts tree or any pleasures of a holiday being a very memorable moment for her family which is causing her to become even more sicker worrying how she will make Christmas for her 4 children her life has become very difficult after her heart attack because things in her home are becoming less and less and she can't work to provide for her family she has applied for good assistance numerous times and they keep denying her if any one can help PLEASE HELP MY FRIEND she is a really good person and I hate to see her go through this alone I can only help so much

Pido oración por mi pareja y futura esposa

Wilson Andres Dueñas Sanchez
Pido oración por Karol Juliana Monroy Camelo, para que ella sea apreciando y valorando, verdaderamente todo lo que he hecho por ella por amor; que me dé el lugar de honra, honor, valia, aprecio y merito, que debo tener a su lado; que me respete, sea casta, fiel, leal, sincera y honesta como pareja y futura esposa, muchas gracias hermanos Amén.

granddaughter with abnormal EKG

Gloria Hunte
My granddaughter fell out at school and 911 was called. She has had 3 abnormal EKG's. she is wearing a heart monitor. she is only 12. Prayer for her full recovery and health.


Please pray for me to be healed from anxiety & worry. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!


 I'd like prayer because: Prayers are requested for healing Viola-Cleo Bradshaw. Healing needs include: depression, sleep disorder,  insomnia, eyesight, and for a broken nose, needs peace,  heal center of consciousness, brainstem, heal my Akashic records, they need clearing, and lift up Cordelia Vogel,  heal her mind, heart trouble and family tree. Include in the pastor's daily prayers and on your prayer chain and list for 6 MONTHS.


Please a prayer request for me specially in the area of prosperity. Iam in lack of finances and prosperity over a very long time. Also for deliverance from satanic, evil /monitoring spirits. they are demonic, evil, monitoring spirits, spirit of snails who torment me and my children physically, emotionally and emotionally for last 10 years originated from either witchcraft, ancestral spirits or generational curses or through utterances made against me, my son akshat eleen anubhav chand and daughter Akiriti Ashyleen Ahana chand by the use of hindu idols from maybe my past divorced wifes family, and I myself is a born again Christian, thank you. These spirit of snails, I assume have blocked my blessings, miracles, leaving me, my children into poverty, disgrace, always behind, frustrated and disappointed, so please request to pray for me, thank you.

Salvation - Healing - Florida

John T
Please pray for me to finally surrender to, and believe, the Lord.. For many years I have searched and tried so HARD to receive Him.. Lately I've been so bitter and even blasphemous towards Him 🙁 .. And now He is disciplining me for my lust of the flesh by allowing neuropathy in my legs and feet (so I'm angry at myself even more).. Thank-you... P.S. - It's time, I'm almost 60 !

Prayer Request

Phil Chavez
Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine.Pray for the removal of debt and financial blessings and financial security for Lorraine. Pray Lorraine’s possessions last a hundred times longer and will supernaturally become newer and repaired. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve,aunt Jackie and Pray salvation, healing and long life for my mom's boyfriend Joe who has cancer.. Please Pray GOD Blesses me financially so I can pay all bills and not have to worry about paying future bills. ... Please Pray GOD Blesses me with a life partner real soon.,I've been praying for this since 1995...In the name of Jesus Yeshua Hamashiach Amen


Seowon Park
help, pray for me! enemy's attacking every way they can do all day to destroy me and my family, also desecrateing God's name, and God's holiness pray for my situation and everything exposed before our Lord God, in the name of Jesus(Matthew10:26,Pslam139:12, 1Jhon1:5, Proverbs 2:6-7) and restore everything according to his promise which confirmed with oath(hebrews6:17) when enemies laugh at me and treats me moron, laughing at my God, God of Israel, sayng he is spirit of lust, weak, no power, doesnt love you, it breaks my heart, this experiential thing is realistic so i can not ignore.. God most high hear my suffering(Jeremiah33:3,Psalms139:1-4), expose every lies/plan of enemy in the name of Lord of hosts(Psalms139:11-12,isaiah45:7,hebews4:12-13), turn his face on me(psalms22:24,numbers6:24-27)), come/save to judge in his mighty name(isaiah9:6-7,revelation19:2), with justice and righteouness(revelation19:11,psalms89:14), pay them back for all their eveil deeds/caught in the schemes he devises(psalms28:-5,10:2) restore my all, take me back all(isaiah49:26,1samuel30:8), show his eternal,faithful love,(Jeremiah31:3), proclaim the name of YHWH(exodus 34:6-7,Ezeklel18:3)) there's no other God, theres no other saviour(isaiah43:11-12). will pray for my spritual support and strong protection, warfare prayer, also get united with prayer warriors and more prayers,(1chorinthians12:27,Jhon17:21-23)for complete victory((Luke10:19,colossians2:15)declare me Spirit of God is Word of God(Jhon1:1)Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords(revelation19:16)/Word is God himself./HOLY OF THE HOLIES/-for body of Christ(1corintians12:225-6)-all for God's name and his holiness.(revelation4:8-9)

My Prayer

Steve and Barbara Smith
Genesis 12:3 I shall curse those who curse you? Isaiah 54:19 any evil words spoken against you shall they be spoken against them. Isaiah 55:11 Gods word can never return in void? I will never test you beyond your means? I think you Jesus need to examine your HOLY word. Isaiah 54:17 I just received the worst review I have ever had with this company, and the lowest amount, NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER. Funny isn't it Jesus how a coworker, that had one intention when she first started 9 years ago, to destroy a friendship, who is now my new boss, and she did it quite easy didn't she. A woman put in my life by Satan, you know exactly what I speak of because its been prayed about hundreds of times, YOUR NOT FAITHFUL JESUS, and fall very short of being trustworthy, the same evil person who cursed me and caused this friendship to desolve is the same person still being allowed to curse me, and you do nothing to fix anything. When it comes to my review, my pay, which is extremely low in comparison to the position you took, and allowed to be taken, after 23 years thats not a good indicator to me Savior you can do the impossible Matthew 19:26, Luke 1:37 your word returns in void, and you know it returns in void, and if anyone should have shame its you Jesus for false teaching, in Jesus name I pray amen, I'm seriously concerned who is really in control over heaven and earth, because it sure does look like ITS NOT YOU JESUS, and how many prayers concerning these types of issues have been given to you personally as burdens, and how many demons have been bound in your name, still the same old demonic powers formed against me excuse maker, and you still haven't DONE MUCH OF ANYTHING HAVE YOU JESUS? Take what the bible with a pinch of salt, because that's about all the value the bible really is. You want faith but all you do is fail Jesus, isn't it? Fail to deliver, fail to remove evil seeking people fail to protect, fail to not put more on someone than they can handle, fail to answer prayers, fail to take burdens, fail to prosper, fail fail, fail, you have become the King of Failure and lack. For someone who wants faith YOU SURE DO FAIL A LOT DON'T YOU CHRIST, this problem of your excessive failure has been brought to your attention MANY times, hasn't it MR FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE who seems more like the defeated foe to me. A GOD WHO IS BASED ON FAILURE, rather than a God who is based on defeating the enemy? Oh in time this will be forgotten how much I fail as time passes because that's the truth isn't it GOD who cant do all things. Satan is laughing at you Jesus through the person I speak of, she is a tool and weapon formed against me who is prospering, and she is laughing at YOU. Oh but I want faith for FAILING to take care of your burdens, oh I want faith for not answering prayers, oh I want faith for not delivering, oh I want faith for failing to prosper you, oh I want faith for not abiding by my promises, oh I want faith but after 23 years, golly I really havent done much at all have I? What I so willingly can do for others, golly, I just can't do for you after 23 years but I sure want faith for not doing anything don't you Jesus? Amazing what you could do before Satan came along isn't it God, and it sure didn't take no 23 years for you to do it did it UNWILLING, UNFAITHFUL GOD? YOUR NOT THE GOD YOU TEACH IN SCRIPTURE JESUS. An her ugliness had to go out to the truck to enjoy a smoke and find out all the scoop about me and my new bosses meeting didn't she SAVIOR? But yet your just not willing to do anything about this person are you Christ Jesus? Just to hear her voice sends evil into my soul, just to see it, makes me want to gag, and yet, you sure do shelter and protect her don't you Jesus, but mistreating me for 23 years through demons is OK isn't it MR STRONG GOD?

Career Problems

Jason Meadows
Please pray God will provide me a full time income for my artwork.

A Prayer Today Can Change The World

Bradley Karr
I was working directly with the heavens and doing miraculous things for humanity, however I was targeted by evil spirits. They are using stealth weaponry to secretively control me without the heavens knowing. My inner voice, for instance, was removed and replaced with a demon. The heavens aren't even able to hear me anymore, they only hear demons masquerading as me. The plot is to trick the heavens and perform a soul sacrifice. The solution is for a holy figure, from the heavens, to view my actual living experience since January 2022. This way my exact experience, as a human, will be known — they will have witnessed everything I have witnessed, in the same way I have.

Salvation / Oppression

Against severe oppression and invasive thoughts. Pray for rest, mercy, grace. For salvation and protection from evil for my family and friends.


Please pray for my husband who is lusting after other women, addicted to porn and for our marriage. Thank you I appreciate it!

evangelism and finances

Daniel Costello
Hi. I’ve been going through some terrible stuff and financial struggles. I work as a Rideshare driver and I’ve done over 12k rides-I can do this job well thank God. But, there are not that many jobs I can do with the health problems that I have so I stick to rideshare for now. I need big financial help from God at this time, so I work a lot of hours and I drive a rental car and I am selling my older car that I own. My older car is a 2012 Nissan Altima. It has some things that need to be fixed and over 204k miles on it. I told the truth about the problems with it on this website called OfferUp and it’s been hard to sell because I was honest when I posted the info. I discounted it around 2-3 thousand dollars because of the problems with it and because I need money fast. God already answered my prayer to sell my expensive home sauna I bought years back for my health so I am confident He will help me sell this car too. I hope whoever buys the car will pay at least $2,500 and will perhaps be a person that is capable of fixing it himself or herself and getting good use out of it for a long time. I also have to file my taxes and I plan to pay this guy named Mark Enriquez who did them for me last year. Please pray he will find time to do my taxes even during this busy season and will somehow get me a big tax refund. I have already been paying heavy sales tax where I live and I am struggling so I need God’s help with my taxes. Although, I am working a lot and struggling financially I still evangelize because it’s one of the main purposes of my life as a Christian. I would like to evangelize more in the future when my situation gets better and I can work just 40 hours like most people (now maybe 50-65), but please pray for the few I evangelized now who seemed to receive and accept a little of God’s words (or more of God’s words) when I spoke with them. It was different for each one. Jay, Brooke, Sandra, Jose, Edith, and a women who lives in a country area and likes to ride horses-I didn’t catch her name. I think Brooke received Jesus fully during our conversation, but I think that she and Jay need to trust God’s words completely and not trust new age stuff. I think I got through to the two of them well so glory to God. Sandra has a PHD and Christian friends, but so far she hasn’t been won over to the faith. I think I got through to her a little. I think Edith accepted God’s words to a degree and Jose is somewhat opened minded, but not saved yet. Also, a guy named Miller who speaks Spanish and not much English who responded positively since I speak a little Spanish and used uh charades. I also evangelized a Filipino American guy yesterday and another guy in a shopping center who responded positively. Sorry this prayer request is so long. I thought these prayer requests needed some background info and explaining. I don’t usually evangelize the riders when I work, but I do sometimes and I play Christian radio part of the time when I work…I like to evangelize here and there when I am not at work. Thanks for prayer, God bless. So if I can kind of reiterate and summarize I need prayer as follows: 1. For the people I evangelized recently who listened and were touched by God’s words: Jay, Brooke, Sandra, Jose, Edith, the women who rides horses and others. 2. That God will send a buyer through the website called OfferUp who will want to buy my 2012 Nissan Altima even after he/she knows what’s wrong with it and can fix it him or herself and get good use out of it for a long time. And pay at least $2,500. That God will keep His hand on the whole process every step of the way so it’s finally sold. 3. That my tax guy Michael Enriquez will find time to do my taxes and help me get a big tax refund quick. 4. That when I work a Rideshare Driver, I get riders that want to go a long way, will give me big tips, and give me good ratings. (I have a very high approval rating now thank God.) 5. That God heals me and protects me from the devil’s attacks and protects me from any people the devil might work through. Thank God John 15:7, Philippians 4:6

Please pray for me

Nancy Shaw
Please pray for me as I struggle with severe panic attacks and anxiety that negatively impact my daily life and family. Pray that I never pass out/faint or lose control during my panic attacks and that God is always in control when I get these panic attacks. Please pray that God heals me and helps me through this difficult period and gives me peace of mind and comfort. Pray that God heals my hormonal imbalance/PCOS and helps me lose weight and get to a healthy weight so I don't incur more health issues. Please pray that God restores and heals my deteriorated marriage. Amen.

Please pray...

Cindy E.
Good morning... wanted to please see if you would pray for His mercy today... and for a miracle... thank you so much... I am humble and grateful... Sincerely, Cindy

Healing prayer

Darko Irgoli?
Hi. Please pray for my healing. Thank you, Darko Irgoli?
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.