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hEALING3May 8, 2021Details
Prayer request3May 1, 2021Details
FAITH and a New Home3April 28, 2021Details
helping a war3April 21, 2021Details
Prayer request 3April 14, 2021Details
help,3April 12, 2021Details
praise report4April 9, 2021Details
Prayers for my fiance and myself3April 8, 2021Details
pet3April 5, 2021Details
Breakthrough10March 23, 2021Details
Prayer Request12March 20, 2021Details


Prayer for healing from hip pain right side.Thank you for your prayers. Sid. Alabama.

Prayer request

Prayer request Protection prosperity miracles health wisdom freedom, bigs gains, winer life of bigswiner life of bigs gains, for Pastor thieringo in Jesus name

FAITH and a New Home

Would you all please pray for my wife (Pam) and me in the coming weeks? I am in a "jam" impossible to describe. Used to think I was saved, but now, not so likely. I have a GOOD Christian wife (29 yrs this mo) and she deserves a NICE home of her own after all these years of cleaning houses for a living! (she is almost 62).. We need to find a NEW HOME SOON and I need a source of income (chronic job-hopper). I KNOW God says to not give up, but .?? . . He HAS been GOOD to me all my 57 years!! but mental health issues.

helping a war

keijo leppioja
Please pray for me in the hard time in the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation but using own victims, pray formy whole familys salvation too bless,keijo sweden

Prayer request

Pastor Thieringo Aguigo
Protection prosperity miracles freedom finances , bigs gains, wisdom heathy Succès chance, winer's life of bigs gains, for pastor Thieringo in Jesus name


keijo leppioja
God with the miralces among us in Jesus name,pray forme in the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation but using own victim,bless,keijo sweden

praise report

Gloria Hunte
praise report--I called today, my daughter recieved a vaccination and was dizzy, chills,sweating and unable to sleep. she has my 9 year old granddaughter with her and I am 3 hours away. A lady prayed and agreeded with me in prayer My daughter just called and she is so much better now. The glory belongs to God for his good work

Prayers for my fiance and myself

Julian Perezchica
Hi! Please, pray that my fiance and I have an infinitely great time together on our road trip and in life together. Us, our homes, vehicles infinitely protected, have traveling cing mercies and have no issues with anyone. Please, pray for healing for us of mind, body, soul and emotions. She has been having difficulties and needs the Lord to deliver her and I of all difficulties, afflictions and spiritual warfare of any kind. Lord, take it from all to wrong us, let them never wrong us in anyway and let it not even enter minds to wrong us forever. Let us just have peace and everlasting joy with no sorrow, insecurity nor depression. We've had a rough time and need miracles to happen. May God be infinitely good to us, give us favor, mercy and huge financial blessings. In Jesus name these prayers get to the One true God and never be hindered amen. God bless you!!!! =)


Please pray for the shelter S. to get a several home offers for poor old cat at risk of euthanasia. Pray for him to get to a safe home, also abroad. Some other cats were lucky already. Only a short time left. thanks


Dandrea Hardy
My child needs prayer head cold hazel congestion not feeling well more than 2 weeks could u ask church pray for dandrea hardy

Prayer Request

Phil Chavez
Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and blood pressure issues. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine, in Jesus’ name. Pray for the removal of debt regarding Lorraine, in Jesus’ name. Pray Lorraine’s possessions last a hundred times longer and become newer each day. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve and aunt Jackie
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